20-24 March 2023
Haus H, Telegrafenberg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Tracing the structure and history of the Small Magellanic Cloud using CaII Triplet spectroscopy

22 Mar 2023, 16:01
Haus H, Telegrafenberg

Haus H, Telegrafenberg

Potsdam, Germany
Poster SESSION 4 : The Magellanic System: the Clouds, the Stream and the Leading Arm SESSION 4 : The Magellanic System: the Clouds, the Stream and the Leading Arm


Mahdieh Navabi (The University of Surrey)


The Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), as one of the nearest galaxies to us, provides a superb laboratory for studying its stellar populations in exquisite detail. We collected the largest sample of SMC red giant branch (RGB) stars (~6000) observed using the AAOmega spectrograph fed by the Two Degree Field (2dF) multi-object system at the Anglo-Australian Telescope of the Siding Spring Observatory (Australia). The metallicities were recovered using a direct estimation of [Fe/H] from the equivalent widths of the Calcium triplet (CaT). We discuss the potential implications of the metallicity gradients and compare these to previous determinations of star formation histories to assess the consequences of encounters between the SMC and Large Magellanic Cloud.
Finally, we discuss our findings in the context of the correlation that exists between metallicity and dynamical mass in dwarf Irregular systems, of which the SMC is our closest example.

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Primary author

Mahdieh Navabi (The University of Surrey)


Dr Noelia Noel (The University of Surrey)

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