20-24 March 2023
Haus H, Telegrafenberg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Covid Policy

Even though many official measures have been largely relaxed, the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing and constitutes an enhanced health risk during big gatherings such as our symposium, especially for vulnerable groups. To enhance the safety of all participants, the organizers have therefore implemented the following policies during the symposium:

  • Masking: Wearing an FFP2/KN95 (or equivalent) mask is mandatory in the lecture hall. Presenters can (but do not have to!) remove their masks during their presentations if they remain sufficiently far away from the audience. Masks are also strongly encouraged during in-door interactions, such as when discussing posters, but can of course be removed to drink and eat during coffee and lunch breaks.
    The organizers will provide masks for those who need them. 
    Note that when using any form of public transport in Germany, wearing an FFP2 mask is still mandatory, too.
  • Self-Tests: The organizers will provide self-test kits to all participants. Participants are required to test upon arrival on their first day of the conference, and then at least every other day before entering the conference venue.
  • Ventilation: The organizers will ensure regular ventilation of the lecture hall, and fresh air flow in the poster areas, by opening windows where and when possible. 
  • Vaccinations: Vaccination status will not be checked. It is considered each individual participant's responsibility to maintain an immunization level appropriate to their individual situation. 
  • Symptoms: If you are sick or get sick during the week of the symposium, do not attend in person. You can make use of the virtual participation option.
  • Health insurance: All participants should make sure to have sufficient international health insurance coverage to be able to seek care in Germany.